Welcome to Solebay Primary Academy.

Located in the heart of Tower Hamlets, we teach children from nursery age through to Year 6.

We are an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ school with ‘Outstanding’ Early Years provision, and this year we are proud that our Year 1 students were ranked in the top 7% for phonics nationally. Our academic credentials are supported by a full programme of enrichment activities including school trips, residentials and outdoor activities for the children to enjoy.

There is always plenty to find out when you start a new school, so here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

Do you have a breakfast club?

Yes, our breakfast club is available for all children in Reception to Y6. Starting at 8am, children have a wide selection of breakfasts to choose from, and can play board games, read books and engage in a range of other fun activities until school starts. The daily cost is £2 per child for working families and £1 per child for non-working families.

Are there any after school clubs for my child?

We currently run after school clubs for Y1 to Y6. Activities vary depending on the time of year, but clubs include football, street dance and cooking. There is also an external organisation called P3 who run after school club for pupils in Reception to Y6. Please let us know if you’d like further details and we will give you a leaflet about what they offer. 

Where do you take the children at playtime and lunchtime?

Our Nursery and Reception pupils are on the 2nd floor, next to our fantastic playdeck, so they have easy access to this outdoor space all day. Y1 to Y6 enjoy their breaks at the nearby Shandy Park where there are slides and other play facilities, as well as a football pitch. In summer we go to Mile End park as well, and take play equipment with us, such as hula hoops and skipping ropes. 

How much does lunch cost?

The government provides funding for every child to have a free school lunch from Reception to Y2, and in Tower Hamlets the mayor has allocated money so every pupil in Y3 to Y6 can have a free school lunch too. Solebay Primary Academy also offers free lunch to Nursery pupils from September 2019 (although we reserve the right to review this). 

Where do I drop off and collect my child?

All pupils meet our staff at 8.45am at Mile End Park, just over the bridge at the end of Solebay Street. Children should be collected from the same place at 3.30pm. 

What is your Ofsted rating?

In our most recent inspection (2023) we were rated as Outstanding, and our Early Years provision was also declared Outstanding. https://solebayacademy.paradigmtrust.org/performance/ofsted-report/

Last updated January 25, 2024