Solebay Academy Council consists of five elected parents and the Principal who act as a communication link between other parents, the school and the Paradigm board. We represent first and foremost the parents at Solebay and through regular contact with Janet and other teachers at the school.

We aim to provide a channel through which parents can express whatever concerns or questions they might have regarding all aspects of school life. Our aim is to help address and resolve as many of those concerns as possible, and to that end we meet regularly as a group, and also host Academy Council meetings, chaired by the council chairwoman, Beth Hale, once every half term to which all parents are invited. Minutes from each meeting can be viewed on this website, so that parents can see what issues have been discussed and what action is being taken.

Academy Council Members

Beth Hale, Chair

I have two children at Solebay, in Year 2 and Reception. I have lived locally since 1999 and work in the City as a solicitor.

Andy Roberts, Vice Chair

I have 20 years of experience working in state education and am currently headteacher of Riverside School in Barking. I’m also a founding guardian of Thames Ward Community Project (TWCP); an elected representative of LBBD schools forum and Headteacher-Director of BDSIP (a not-for-profit company jointly owned by local schools and the council to provide headteachers with support to raise standards). I live in Stepney Green with my wife and two children and my oldest daughter attends Solebay Academy.

Asif Hassan

I am a father of 3 young children, the eldest (Saara) of which attends the school in Year 3.  In my day to day life I work in the insurance industry as an Actuary. This entails making financial sense of the future. I assess, quantify and monitor risks to firstly, make sure the company is charging the right premiums and secondly for policies already sold, ensuring the company is holding enough to pay out claims. It get complicated because the world is becoming more uncertain but the key thing is being aware of risks and possible ways to manage those risks. This is something I also apply to day to day life!

Claire Allfree

I’m a freelance arts journalist and editor who writes predominantly on theatre and books for national newspapers. I have a daughter in Reception at Solebay and I live in Stepney Green.

Last updated December 8, 2020