All parents and carers of children in each year group are invited to attend a meeting to meet some of the adults who work with your children.  The meetings will take place over the next two weeks on different days and times for each year group. Please come to the main entrance after drop off in the Park. During the meeting you will be given important information about:

  • the curriculum that will be covered during the course of this year, and how this curriculum will be organised
  • information on mathematics and English assessments
  • ways in which you can support your child’s learning
  • general information on PE, homework etc.
    • There will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions.
    • The meeting will start at 9am and finish promptly at 9.25am, as teachers need to be back in class teaching.

18th September – Reception

19th September – Y2

20th September – Y1

21st September – Y3

22nd September – Y4

25th September – Y5/Y6


We look forward to seeing you at the meeting/s.

Last updated August 30, 2023