Teaching | July 14, 2021

How we build Cultural Capital for our children – and why it helps

Our pioneering Hinterland programme is providing cultural capital for Solebay’s pupils so they can enjoy a richer life experience and improve their learning.

Cultural capital has existed as a phrase and a concept for decades, but was introduced by Ofsted into its framework in September 2019. They describe it as ‘the knowledge and cultural capital children need to succeed in life’ which dovetails smoothly with work we have been doing in this area for years.

The amount of cultural capital a child has can impact how much they get from their lessons at school. Due to differing circumstances and backgrounds, children inevitably come to the classroom with a range of different life experiences. For instance, some pupils may have been to the seaside, while others will never have visited the coast. If then, in an English lesson, the class reads a story set by the sea such as The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cat, everyone can understand it and answer questions on it to some extent, but the children who have actually been to the coast are able to relate far more readily and enjoy a richer experience than those who haven’t. 

We are committed to levelling this playing field, ensuring all pupils have access to high quality experiences. We do this through Paradigm’s Hinterland programme, which we’ve designed not only to increase cultural capital in our pupils, but academic capital (the knowledge which supports new learning) and character capital (the knowledge which lets you engage with the world). 

It’s a curriculum of thought-through systematic experiences which we expect every child from Early Years to the end of Year Six to benefit from. These include going to the seaside, the zoo, having a picnic, residential trips, museum trips, visiting backstage at a theatre, taking part in plays and other activities which prove beneficial to children’s learning. The activity is then brought back to the classroom and the teachers spend a lot of time unpacking and exploring it to ensure maximum value is drawn out of every experience. 

Obviously the past two years have been very different to what we’d like, but we have still managed to arrange several educational visits, including taking Year Five and Six to the Country Trust in Norfolk. Year Four have visited Kew Gardens to tie in with learning about the rainforest in Geography, and Year Two went to the Soanes Centre where they could get hands on with some practical science.

By running the Hinterland programme we are working hard to ensure no child is disadvantaged in their education. In this way, we can broaden children’s life experiences and help prepare them for future study, employment and, most importantly, leading a fulfilling life.

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Introduction to the Legal Advice Centre Services

My name is Shamsun and I am a Welfare Benefits Caseworker and a Project Developer at the Legal Advice Centre in Bethnal Green.  

At the Legal Advice Centre, we provide face to face advice and support with welfare benefits, debt, housing, and employment.  We also provide free specialist advice at family law clinics and in community settings, supporting vulnerable families at risk of severe financial hardship and domestic abuse including applying for non-molestation orders, occupation orders and divorce and separation issues. 

Please join my Zoom meeting on Friday 25th June at 12.30am for further information and an opportunity for you to ask questions. Please find the meeting link below:  
Topic: Introduction to the Legal Advice Centre
Time: Jun 25, 2021 12:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 918 8478 9791
Passcode: 7HZTj8

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