Children in Need 2016


Children in Need

As you may already know, Monday 14 November is the start of this year’s BBC Children in Need Appeal Week. Our school is excited to be joining with many others around the UK to participate in the fundraising programme, the

Big BBC Children in Need Spotacular, with Lloyds Bank.


The Big Spotacular will help your child learn about the lives of disadvantaged children across the whole of the UK, whilst developing skills like communication, teamwork and decision-making. Lloyds is supporting BBC Children in Need this year with lots of different tools and resources to help us with our fundraising, including lesson plans and videos.


We will be taking part in spotty-themed fundraising activities!


  • Children in Need bake off (on Thursday 17th November) Judges will pick a winner from each year group. All cakes will be sold at the end of the day.
  • wear your pyjamas to school day (on Friday 18 November – £1 to participate)


This is where we need your help!

You can help us make this a memorable event that raises as much money as possible, by supporting the fundraising activity in our school. Why not come along to the event listed in the timetable below:


Activity Date Time Venue
Bake Sale Thursday 17 November 3.00pm School Hall


Let’s make a big difference to the lives of children in the UK.


Thank you for your continued support.

Last updated November 15, 2016