Letters to families | January 28, 2015

Letter from Amanda – 28th January 2015

Lots of information including:

  • booster sessions for pupils over half term
  • ICT and PE updates
  • progress with the playdeck
  • punctuality reminder
  • return to school date for September
  • and lots more…

AP letter to families 280115

Letters to families | January 9, 2015

Important information about free school meals

From September 2014, the Government offers state funded free School meals to all pupils in Reception, Years 1 and Year 2. Tower Hamlets Council is providing further funding so that every Primary School pupil in the Borough from Reception to Year 6 can receive a free School meal.

However, it is very important that families register for free School meals if you think you are entitled to them. Registering for free School meals could raise an extra £1,300 per pupil for the School, to fund valuable support like extra tuition, additional teaching staff or after School activities.

Free school meals 090115

Letters to families | January 7, 2015

Years 1, 2 and 3 to visit the Radha Krishna Temple in Stratford

SPA letter to 1R 1B 2R 22B 070115

Letters to families | January 7, 2015

Dance lessons for pupils in Y1-3

SPA DANCE letter to 1R 1B 2R 2/3B 070115

Letters to families | January 5, 2015

Janet Baker takes over as 2/3 Blue class teacher

SPA letter to 23Blue families 050115

Letters to families | December 19, 2014

No swimming on 191214

SPA Swimming flyer 171214

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