School Announcements for Parents & Carers – 21st November 2014

Yesterday, I arrived in School to find an invitation on my desk:


How could I resist? At 2:00pm I went to the play deck entrance to find the terribly excited Reception pupils ready to watch me cut the ribbon. Everyone in the School heard the countdown 10, 9, 8…1 Hurrah! All the pupils had the chance to explore the wooden play blocks, the media centre, construction, hoops and bean bags and a course for twisting and turning.

Anti-bullying week

Janet led an assembly on what bullying really is – how it is persistent and cruel and what we need our pupils to do to keep themselves and each other safe.


Assessments across the School have been completed this week for phonics, high frequency words, reading, writing and mathematics. We are looking forward to seeing how the teaching has ensured that pupils have made demonstrable progress.

Children in Need

Thank you for your generosity in sending in money that will be sent to the BBC appeal. Our superheroes – pupils and staff, thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Paradigm Trust Conference

The Year 3 pupils, 2 parents and our Governors joined all the staff at Solebay at our yearly Conference. This gave everyone an opportunity to find out more about the Trust and our vision. The Solebay group worked together on our School Values and then our staff had further training in EYFS and Mathematics Mastery.

Drop off and collection

Thank you to those of you who gave your views, opinions and comments regarding our arrangements. The Travel Plan group have been meeting a wide range of stakeholders and developing clear risk assessments in order to prepare the Travel Plan by 9th December.

Parent/Carer Governors

Two out of the three Parent Governors have now had an induction session with the Chair and Vice-Chair of Governors. The next LGB meeting is on 3rd December.

Hook day (years 1, 2 and 3)

The wet weather hampered our educational visit looking for human and physical features in the Local Area, but we finally got to make our way to Victoria Park. The pupils were very excited about being ‘out and about’.

The play deck

The Trust decided to pay to prepare the play deck for the Reception pupils, so that we can deliver the expectations of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. There are further discussions still happening with Wilmott Dixon, and within the Board of Directors, to find a lasting solution to the workmanship issues.

Remembrance Day

Tahreena led the Assembly explaining the importance and relevance of remembering those who give their lives in conflicts.


Janet has spoken in Assembly on how we can keep ourselves safe when in School.

Website photography

Our marketing and branding partners have taken a whole host of images to reflect what happens in our School so that we can build a useful website that showcases our School community and the education we provide.

Last updated January 6, 2015