School Announcements for Parents & Carers – 7th November

Artwork from the Year 3 Art and Design project is proudly displayed in the front entrance. You will all receive a postcard momento.

Assemblies began this week. The entire School comes together each day.

  • Monday – Reba brings attention to topical issues across the World;
  • Tuesday/Wednesday – Anna-Marie conducts whole School singing assembly;
  • Thursday – Janet is leading on safety issues such as road safety, water safety, safety in the home and so on;
  • Friday – Tahreena will award Star Pupils and attendance certificates and then focus on British Values and Festivals.

Assessments across the School will start next week. This will enable us to be able to tell you exactly how much progress your child/ren has/ve made since we started teaching them.

Attendance – congratulations to 1R for best attendance this week! Well done!

Building progress has been slow and disappointing. We expect the highest standards of finish and this has not been reached yet. The playdeck is still not open as there are health and safety concerns and management issues. We are in discussions with the DfE and Wilmott Dixon. We are also exploring all other solutions. Year 1 have moved to the second floor.

Conference – the School is closed on Monday to most pupils. All the staff, the Year 3 pupils and the parent/ carer Governor nominees have been invited to attend Paradigm Trust’s yearly conference.

The core knowledge document for the Year 1 and 2 Geography topic will be sent to you next week. This is to help you work with your child/ren on what they need to know/learn about the Local Environment. Year 1, 2 and 3 pupils will take a canal walk to hook them into their learning next week.

Half term homework and teaching was completed and attended by most pupils. This really helps pupils to either catch up or keep on top of what they need to practice or consolidate. 12/13 pupils in Year 1 had x2 mornings in School over half term.

Governance – the election for the two parent/carer Governors is underway and you shall know next week who has been elected. The Local Governing Body (LGB) met last night to address all elements of effective Governance.

Letters/ communication – are sent home regularly via the book bags – please look, read, check!

Parent/ carer consultations – will happen after we have completed and analysed a wide range of assessments. You will be offered a ten to fifteen minute slot during the day to hear about your child’s progress.

  • 08/12/14 – Year 1 Blue
  • 09/12/14 – Year 1 Red
  • 10/12/14 – Reception Red and Blue
  • 11/12/14 – Year 2 Red
  • 12/12/14 – Year 2/3 Blue

If you require an appointment outside the School day you will be able to organise this with your child’s teacher.

The School Nurse team visited this week to review the medication, storage, training and application. Some of you may receive telephone calls to review your child/ren’s need/s.

Star Pupils have been identified this week and twelve pupils will receive Star pupil cards through the post.

Staffing – two new class teachers have been appointed. Welcome to Louise (Year 1 Blue) and to Carmel (Year 2/3 Blue). Both teachers are committed to long term placements, are enthusiastic and capable and Tahreena and Janet are working alongside them every day. Stacey has done a good job teaching in Year 2/3 Blue, however she was never going to be the class teacher as she releases teachers across the School for their preparation, planning and assessment time. Mohamed has left Year 1 as he needed to move back home; we have replaced the teaching assistant in Year 1.

Travel plan working party – much work is being done in order to submit the Travel Plan by 9th December 2014 by parents/ carers, Governors and staff. Meetings are continuing in order to enable discussion and to debate issues.

Website imaging and photography for other purposes – this will happen regularly, such as video shoots at Solebay for enhancing the website next Thursday during the day. Please ensure your child/ren is/are in their full uniform.

The Winter concert will take place on Thursday 18th December. The time is to be confirmed.

Last updated January 6, 2015