Since Solebay Primary Academy joined Paradigm Trust in September 2014, we have been busy re-evaluating the school’s values.

Why do we have values?
Achievement is not just about marks in the classroom or winning at sports. It is about our personal growth too. It is about how we treat each other, what we value and how we contribute to our surroundings and our community. Our values define who we are and show everyone what we hold dear. They are the foundation of our organisation and every day we use these values to guide us in all that we do.

What are our values?

We decided what our values should be by talking to lots of different people in our school. They told us what they thought was special about Solebay and what they thought was important to everyone. As a result, we have three values.

Ambition – you always try to do better
Determination – you never give up
Integrity – you can trust me

Celebrating our values in action

We think it is important to recognise and reward the demonstration of our values. So we are excited to introduce our new value recognition programme which will congratulate pupils who show ambition, determination or integrity
in what they do. The programme is very simple and it is open to everyone. Here’s how it works:

– A parent, a teacher, a member of the support staff or a fellow pupil can nominate someone who they think has demonstrated a value.
– All you need to do is fill in a nomination sheet saying who it is, what the value is and why you are nominating that person. Then just pop it in a ballot box.
– There will be sheets and a ballot box in every classroom, as well as in the school office and the administration suite.
– Teachers will gather nominations on a weekly basis. These will then be reviewed by the school board.
– Our ‘values champions’ will be announced in assembly every half term. They will receive a special values wristband, a values sticker and they will be mentioned in our school newsletter!

If you would like help filling in the nomination form, or if you have any questions about our values programme, please do ask one of the teachers. They will be able to help.


Last updated September 17, 2015